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App Developer


App Developer allows you to write your own Tradeshift Apps. Install it now to become a Tradeshift App developer!

With this app you can:

Become a Tradeshift App Developer.
Create your own apps to be used by yourself or others on Tradeshift.
Develop your apps in any web framework you like.
Create integration apps to connect Tradeshift with other services.
Do pretty much anything you can imagine!

The term "app" loosely refers to one of these:

In-line apps are client side components that integrate deeply with the Tradeshift web interface. They are built with Javascript, HTML and CSS.
Iframe apps are simply iframes that host your own website/web application somewhere inside the Tradeshift web interface. You can build these using your preferred web framework.
Integration apps makes Tradeshift functionality available to applications outside the Tradeshift web interface, for example in accounting systems, not necessarily using any of the Tradeshift web interface.

How to use:

Find inspiration for you first app:
Create a Hello World app for Tradeshift:
Ask technical questions in our forum: