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Purchase Orders


With the Purchase Orders app, you can send purchase orders (PO’s) to any supplier. If the receiver of the PO is registered on Tradeshift, it can be accepted and converted into an invoice once the order is filled.

If the receiver is not on the Tradeshift network, the PO will be sent via email as a PDF attachment. All PO’s will appear on your documents page, and can be managed in the same way as other document types. When an invoice is created from a PO, you will be notified straight away.

With this app you can:

Send purchase orders (PO’s) to your suppliers.
Have your suppliers seamlessly convert your purchase orders into invoices when the order has been filled.
Be immediately notified whenever a purchase order has been filled.

How to use:

Purchase orders can be sent from the start page and from the document page, by clicking the green “Create new...” button in the top right corner, and selecting “Create purchase order” from the drop-down menu. Creating a PO is easy: all you need to do is to select a recipient, fill in document details, add order lines and delivery address (if applicable) and press “Send”.

If you are the receiver of a purchase order, you can convert that order into an invoice by locating the purchase order on your home page or documents page opening it and clicking on “Create invoice from purchase order” near the top of the page. A new invoice will be generated, with the recipient and invoice lines filled.

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